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Limited availabilty! We can also help you grow your own veggies in your customized container gardens! Click here or call (937) 537-7625 for details



 We love our little farm and it shows!  This little piece of land and all that is on it is a blessing and an opportunity.  That's why we take caring for and nourishing our land very seriously.  We use only sustainable farming practices to provide our plants and animals with the best possible environment with which to thrive and flourish!
    Straight off the farm and fresh off the vine, with no potential harmful chemicals used and locally grown here in Central Ohio.  We invite you to come and taste the farm fresh difference for a healthier tomorrow!
Pastured Poultry

Our meat chickens and laying hens have full access to fresh pasture, bugs, and sunshine!  They happily forage all day long, soaking up the nutrients and passing the benefits on to you!  Click here to place your order today!

Naturally Grown Veggies

We spend time building up our soil using organic, natural matter, making our plants healthier and the fruit more nutrient-dense.  We use no potentially harmful chemicals or non-natural soil additives, thereby protecting our environment and the health of our family and yours!   Limited spots available, so sign up for your weekly delivery today! 

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