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Pastured Poultry 

With full access everyday to fresh, lush grass, sunshine, and ample insects, our birds are as happy as they could be!  What does a happier bird mean to you?  A healthier bird.  We believe in providing the best, natural environment so no growth hormones, stimulants, or any antibiotics are ever used on our animals.  We also do not believe in pushing our meat birds for a "bigger bird".  We raise them humanely, so they live quality, happy lives.  That means our birds may not reach maximum weight, but quality far outweighs quantity!


Pastured Poultry: 

$3.50 per lb. (plus processing fee) with a minimum order of 4 chickens or 1 turkey

Chickens are a jumbo Cornish Rock Cross ( a non-heritage bird) or a Rhode Island Red breed (a heritage breed) both raised on pasture with grain supplement.  Average weight is around 4 lbs. Turkeys are  Royal Palm breed (a heritage breed that is not large breasted)  or a Bronze Breasted ( a heritage breed that is large breasted). Both are raised on pasture with grain supplement.  Average weight is 15 - 20 lbs.

Full payment must be received prior to processing and you must pick up.  You will be notified 2 days in advance of pick up and your whole birds will come to you vacuum packed and ready for the freezer.  Limited quantities so order quickly!

CLICK HERE to place your order today!


Farm Fresh Eggs:

$2.50/dz. Multi-colored eggs of varying sizes (most large to extra-large)

Eggs must be picked up unless otherwise arranged. 


*Although we do our best to supply our customers on a continual basis, poultry and egg availability may vary with season and weather conditions.  Events happen that are beyond our control and we appreciate your understanding in this.


Learning to be better stewards of this great creation everyday!

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