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Planting Services

At the Garden of Eden Landscaping Services, we believe that having a garden is not only beautiful, but also beneficial for your mental and physical health. Our business specializes in creating and maintaining captivating outdoor spaces, which are perfect for relaxation and enjoyment. We understand that gardens come in many shapes and sizes, and that each client has their own unique vision. Our goal is to work with you to create the perfect customized garden for your home or business.

Wildflower, Pollinator & Perennial

Wildflower, pollinator & perennial gardens are low maintenance, environmentally friendly and also beautiful!  Instead of mowing large areas of grass, turn it into a prairie of grasses or a wildflower garden.  From 5 acres to small areas around your home or patio, adding areas of native and non-native perennial gardens will keep both pollinators and you happy from spring to fall!  

Container Gardening

Incorporating eye-catching pottery full of colorful flowers or aromatic, flavorful herbs can greatly enhance any patio or walkway.  Adding various vegetable plants to your containers can also be a functional way of giving your outdoor space color and interest, while helping you save on your grocery bill.  Whatever you choose, container gardens provide endless possibility but will always bear fruits of irresistible interest!

Annual Plantings

Looking to add some seasonal color and texture to your garden? Spring, summer, and fall annuals might be just what you're looking for! Annuals are a great way to enhance any flower bed.  Spring bulbs, planted in the fall, will add big impact the following spring!  Summer tropical flowers offer continual blooms from Mother's Day to late summer! Fall blooming flowers add exceptional color until early winter!  Plant all 3 and get continual color all growing season long!

Tree Planting

Money does grow on trees...

When you consider the savings trees can bring to your utility bills! Shade trees provide shade to keep your home cooler in the summer, and Evergreens keep your home warmer in the winter. Trees increase home value, provide privacy screening, and even extend the life of asphalt. Whether they're for your own property, or a city street or park, we have you covered!

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