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Marysville, Ohio - Tree City, USA!

Marysville, Ohio is one of the cities in the United States that qualifies as a "Tree City, USA" with the Arbor Day Foundation and as such, has a Tree Department, a Tree Care Ordinance, a Community Forestry Program, and observes Arbor Day as a city! This year, we had the privilege of planting 30 trees for the City of Marysville all around town!

Planting a street tree on Walnut and 5th downtown!

Much of the soil we planted in was predominantly clay, so we amended it with finely-mulched pine bark chips!

Planting a Tulip Poplar on Dunham Avenue

We enjoy planting trees! We know that every time we plant a tree, we are making an investment into our community. Trees increase property value, help pull carbon emissions out of the air, and encourage safer communities!

We planted seven Triumph Elms along 5th street

We planted each of the City's 30 trees by hand, taking extra care to use proper tree-planting techniques, to give every one of those trees the best start they could get! There's a saying about planting trees that says "Too high, watch them die. Too low, never grow!" and we made sure to plant all of the trees at the proper depth, adding soil amendment and plant starter fertilizer that is specifically made for transplanting to encourage strong root-development!

After we finished planting the trees, we added a layer of pine bark mulch over the top of the tree ring that we had created. This helps add nutrients to the soil, as well as retaining moisture and preventing weeds from germinating and competing with the tree for nutrition. When planting trees, it's important not to build up an accumulation of mulch against the trunk of the tree, as that can force the tree to put out roots from its stem instead of its root system. We made sure to add mulch around the tree until it was approximately two inches in depth. Adding more than this doesn't actually help the plant, because it restricts the amount of oxygen and water that the roots can receive!

For more information about proper tree planting techniques, the work we've done for the City of Marysville, or questions about landscaping, please give us a call at (937)537-7625 today!

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