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A Big Thank You From Us To You!

If you enjoy coffee or tea, you're really going to enjoy our gift this year! We've put together a care package for our customers this year as a thank you, and we've made it with love!

For our residential customers this year, we've put together over a hundred custom mugs filled with our homemade biscotti. We would love to hear how you like them, and how you like us on our review page!

We really wanted to show everyone how much we appreciated their support this year, and we've gotten a lot of great reviews on Facebook, Google, and Angies List from many of you, so we focused on being thankful! We designed custom coffee mugs and hand-made "Thank You" tags, and filled them with assorted biscotti to dunk in your coffee or tea!

This year we made four different flavors of biscotti: Chocolate chip, double chocolate with a mint chocolate drizzle, cranberry orange, and almond! Plenty of variety for a variety of tastes! We have written an article just for the recipes, which you can find here!

Please take a moment to review us on Facebook, Angies List, or on Google!

#thanks #friends #food #customers #appreciation #thankful #biscotti #coffee #betterbusiness

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