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An Expression of Our Appreciation

Thank You!

Here at Garden of Eden Landscaping Services, we appreciate the relationships we have with our customers. We know that they're the ones keeping us in business, putting food on our table, so we like to return the favor! In appreciation for all of our wonderful customers, we're making cinnamon rolls and delivering them! That's right, homemade cinnamon rolls, straight from the Wolford family! The kitchen is warm and busy, and our employees are making house calls, with tasty goodness in hand.

Tasty, melty goodness...

Thank you so much to all of you who have supported us this year, and in years past. When you have us work for you, you aren't just having a service done, you're supporting a local business. You're feeding families. You're providing the means for people receive their education. When you purchase our services, you are doing us a service as well! So thank you. We look forward to the years to come, and we value our relationships!

If you would like to have the recipe for these deliciously fantastic cinnamon rolls, and make them yourself, here's a link to the recipe we used!

Please feel free to leave us some feedback, and to "Like" our Facebook page!

Warm regards from all of us at Garden of Eden Landscaping Services!

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