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5 Flowering Perennials for Your Butterfly Garden

Here's a fun list of plants that we hope will give you butterflies!

1. Joe-Pye Weed

Joe Pye Weed

Blooming throughout the summer, this relative of the sunflower gets pretty tall for most gardens, but the cultivar "Little Joe" stays a bit smaller, and is absolutely fantastic for attracting butterflies, and is one of the primary migration plants for the Monarch butterfly!

2. Caryopteris


Caryopteris is one of the most stunning additions to any landscape, especially the "Little Miss Sunshine" cultivar. It has brilliant golden-green foliage with an indigo-blue bloom that pollinators absolutely love!

3. Butterfly Weed

Butterfly Weed

The large, flat clusters of bright orange flowers on butterfly weed are perfect for butterflies, and it's also a fantastic plant for any garden, as it won't get much bigger than two feet tall.

4. Butterfly Bush

Buddleia (Butterfly Bush)

This fragrant flower has a name indicative of what it does best; attract butterflies. If you want butterflies, this is a must-have for your landscape!

5. Giant Hyssop


Do you like the smell of licorice? Agastache like "Purple Haze" smells like Anise, and pollinators love it! Keep the bees bumbling and the butterflies bountiful with these big blue bunches of blooms!

Want to feed butterflies in your garden? We'll help you create a lush landscape that's geared toward our fluttering friends! Give us a call today at (937)537-7625

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