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5 Beautiful Native Spring Blooms for Shaded Areas

As the first Snowdrops start to bloom, you know that Spring is here!

Here's a list of 5 different native flowering plants for early Spring that will add beautiful color to even the more shaded parts of your landscape!

1. Sharp-lobed hepatica

This cultivar of Hepatica comes up in mid-March, and in spectacular fashion! The light-pink and white blooms really stand out, and they last up to two months before fading!

2. False Rue Anemone

With small bursts of white flowers amongst triplets of three-segment leaves, these little beauties have a lot of eye-catching power. They can start blooming as early as winter, and can continue through early spring.

3. "Running Tapestry" Foam Flower

Not many evergreen groundcovers are going to give you the same WOW! factor as this Foam Flower. Between the leaf color and texture, and the firework-like blooms, "Running Tapestry" is great for late Spring through Summer.

4. Double Flowering Bloodroot

While it might go dormant in the late Summer, Bloodroot sure puts on a spectacular performance from March to May! The flowers start to bloom, and after they do their thing, the leaves open up and give a great texture to the landscape.

5. Wood Poppy

When you think of early spring blooms, you might not think of the color yellow, but the Wood Poppy sure does it well! From March to April, these are great ways to say "Winter is over! Let's celebrate!"

Are you tired of Winter, and want to add some spring color to your yard? Give us a call at (937) 537-7625

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