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Paver Patios and more!

Our team of experts know the best ways to build things to last! Our design team is happy to listen and learn so that we can make your vision a reality! We've proudly served the Marysville, Dublin, and Plain City areas for over 17 years!

The first and most important step in any process is to plan! Our design team loves bringing your vision into reality, and we'd be happy to give you a tour of your finished project before it even starts!

Paver Patios

Low-maintenance, long lasting, and beautiful are all ways to describe paver patios. We do everything from design to build, and we would love to create a custom patio that fits you and your home just right! Help us to help you create a true outdoor living space!

Paver Driveways

Paver driveways not only look better, but they'll last longer than asphalt or basic gravel driveways! There are so many options available, from traditional brick style to permeable pavers and more! We work with only the best suppliers to provide lasting quality for our customers.

Paver Walkways

Paver walkways are probably both the best-looking and the longest-lasting kinds of paths you can have installed! Whether you want a straight shot sidewalk or a custom, wandering path through your garden, we will install the best quality walkways for your home and family.

Seat Walls and Pillars

Rectified, standardized concrete aggregate products mean walls and pillars that are built straight and stay straight! Don't want square blocks with straight lines? There are new products that mimic natural stone, and much more! We know what makes walls strong, and what causes failures, so when we build them, we do it right the first time.

Natural Stone

Few things are quite as visually appealing as the look of natural stone. From flagstone walkways to garden walls, and everything in-between, we know the best practices to use when installing natural stone in all its complexity!


Bring your old patio or walkway back to life! Power washing makes an incredible difference in the look of any hardscape after just a couple of years! We recommend having any paver surfaces re-sanded and sealed after a washing to preserve and extend the life of your patio

Sanding or Re-Sanding

From regular patio sand to the latest and greatest in polymeric sand technology, we're educated, certified, and experienced in sand installations! When it's done right, it not only looks good, but it adds years and strength to your pavers!

Cleaning & Sealing

Pavers are great because they're low maintenance. This doesn't mean that they're no maintenance! Sealing a patio or walkway will protect it from moisture damage, stains, and even scratching! Whether you want to add sheen to your pavers, or just keep them around for longer, sealing is a must!

Fire Pits

What's better than sitting around a campfire with friends and family on a warm Summer night! Fire pits are probably our favorite part of installing hardscapes, because we know that we're giving you the opportunity to create memories for years to come!

Concrete Overlays

Do you have an existing concrete patio or walkway, and don't want to tear it out, but think it needs to be improved? We have experience overlaying pavers on existing concrete, and it can really turn out great!

We provide a wide range of services beyond basic paver installations!

Come check it out!

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