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Why Mulch?

Mulching is a key element in promoting the overall health and beauty of your property’s landscape. Mulch helps your plants thrive by promoting the growth of beneficial microorganisms, enhancing root growth, and even acts as a blanket from the sun, keeping moisture levels just right.

At Garden of Eden Landscaping, we value variety. There are many types of organic and inorganic mulches we work with. We want to offer you as many posibilities to meet your vision for your landscape. 


Below is a gallery of instalations we have done displaying types of mulch.

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Not all Mulch jobs are equal.

Incorrect vs.

Correct Mulch Application

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Edging: Is it Necessary?

 You may be wondering what benefit does an edge and mulch have for your landscape? Edging saves you time on trimming, provides a nice visual break between landscaping elements, creates a nice contrast between the house, landscaping, garden beds, and lawns. Along with helping appearence, it benefits plant health by conserving water and provides a root barrier to prevent invasive grass from entering flower beds. 

It is standard practice for us to install an edge prior to mulch instalation. This is to ensure the quality and longevity of our work. Beautiful landscapes take effort and time to properly maintain, our goal at Garden of Eden is to make it simple for you. So you have more time to spend with family and friends enjoying your landscape. To do this, we are gonna offer you some tips from the industry so you can apply this to your home after we establish your edge. 

Here is a few tips on how to keep your edge looking sharp:

1. Trim Regularly 

We sugest trimming with a lawn trimmer weekly or bi-weekly, depending on growth rate of your lawn. Flip your trimmer 90 degrees will help you create the perfect edge. This helps to keep from overgrown, and maintains the edge. 

2. Keep The Edge Clean

Lawn clippings and other plant material often get inside beds. Over time, these can build up and compost, turing into soil which fills your edge. We recomend raking these up periodically to keep them from building up.  

3. Redefine Edge Yearly

No matter how much maintenance is done - over time the edge will slowly break down due to the elements. We recommend using a half moon edging tool to establish an edge.  

Landscape Fabric: Is it worth it?

When considering if landscape fabric would be a helpful addition to your landscape, it is important consider the pro's and con's. Landscape fabric is an excellent short term tool in preventing weeds. Fabric also keeps inorganic mulches like rocks from sinking into the soil.

Projects that used fabric:

Landscape fabric usually comes in one of three materials:

-Polypropylenes (spun or woven fabric)
-Polyethylene, aka plastic, clear or black

Although it works great for short term weed control and instalation of inorganic mulches such as stone, it has some con's worth considering. Over time, fabric becomes clogged, which limits the amounts of water and air that are able to reach the plant roots, leading to the plant’s decline. Along with this, earthworms, which aerate the soil, are not able to develop which leads to compacted and unhealthy soil. Fabrics are not full proof in weed prevention, and over time weeds will grow on top on the fabric. 

In conclusion, landscape fabric has it's uses in non-organic landscapes and can be an effective tool in weed prevention. However, it's not the most environmentally friendly option for your plants and ecosystem. At Garden of Eden, we offer many different options when we install your landscape. Our team of professionals is always willing to explore options to find what fits your dream for your landscape.

DIY videos

It feels good to do it yourself - we understand that. We offer a variety of do it yourself videos on our Youtube channel to share our expertise with the community. If your not feeling up to the task, our professional services are on standby.  

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