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Lawncare Service​s

Whether it's mowing, core aerating, top-dressing, or installing a whole new lawn, our team of educated professionals are happy to give you the best-looking yard that you can have! We've proudly served the Marysville, Dublin, and Plain City areas for over 17 years!

Lawn Mowing

Our team of educated professionals will groom your lawn, putting clean stripes on it, string trimming the edges, giving it a fresh, neat, and manicured look that you will be proud of!

Top-Dressing Applications

Probably the best way to give your lawn a head-start is to apply a coat of top-dressing. It helps promote root-growth, and retains moisture, cutting down on your fertilizer costs! We use the latest and greatest products to provide quality with results you can really see! 

Core Aerating

Another great way to improve soil quality and promote lawn health is to aerate! Roots need oxygen to grow, and core aeration does exactly that! It helps with soil compaction and moisture absorption as well!

Seeding and Overseeding

Whether you want a whole new lawn, or just want to make your existing lawn more lush and full, we can help you get your yard the way you want it! 


Thatching is good! Too much thatching, however, prevents sunlight and moisture from getting to the grass! lawns with a thatching of 3/4" should be considered for a dethatching treatment

Sod Installations

We can have a nice green lawn installed for you in just a couple of hours! Our sod is locally grown, just East of Marysville, and is a great solution to new home builds with no lawn!

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